Spike Lug Nuts

Custom Solutions for Cars & Trucks

Many great aftermarket products are designed to give your car that badass look. One popular solution is adding spike lug nuts. This will last, unlike cheap plastic lug nuts you can find. You can try plastic lug nuts, but be ready that they will not last long, as the material is not reliable enough for use on the wheels that spin.

There are so many great heavy-duty lug nuts that will stay and last. Manufacturers offer them in a variety of colors and shapes. You can find lug nuts that feature sharper ends (spike lug nuts) and smaller ones resembling a bullet (bullet lug nuts). Once fitted on the wheels of your truck, Jeep, or semi-truck, you will benefit from that aggressive, rugged, and mean look. If you need that bold design, add spiked lug nuts, and the other drivers will think twice before crossing you.

Colors and Finishes

There are so many colors available on the market, from basic black, chrome, and red to neon green, yellow, and pink. Besides, it is an option to select lugs that will match the exterior color of your car, truck, or SUV. Which color looks better? Well, that depends on your taste and personal preferences. But the truth is that any color will do the trick and look sharp. As for the finishes, these lug nuts are primarily available in glossy or matte. So, it’s up to you to select the best spike lug nuts for your truck or SUV.


Let us start from the basics. Modern American vehicles typically have 5, 6, or 8 lugs. This works both for the OEM and aftermarket wheels. So, before ordering true spike lug nuts for your vehicle, make sure to find out how many lug nuts you need. The number of lug nuts in the order will affect the overall purchase price. Another good tip is to see what packages are available, as sometimes a pack of 8 lug nuts maybe just a bit more expensive than a pack of 5. If you check out all options, you will save money. Note that these traditional lug patterns may feature different thread sizes. So, make sure to check this aspect to avoid frustration, returns, and exchanges.



This is the question many car owners ask before ordering a set of aftermarket lug nuts for their vehicle. The short answer is YES. True spiked lug nuts are absolutely street legal, as long as you are careful enough not to harm anyone or cause damages to someone’s investment. Pay attention that aluminum or plastic lug nuts are way softer, so you are not likely to cause any damage using them on your wheels. However, if you select the lug nuts made of steel, you need to be careful with them. To better meet the legal requirements of your city and state, it is a great idea to check with the local authorities at this point. However, as of now, there is no single federal law about spiked lug nuts.



This is the question many people ask before thinking of getting a set of spike lug nuts on their vehicle. We have asked people who installed spike lug nuts, and that’s what our survey showed. People have noted three main reasons they bought spike lug nuts for their trucks and SUVs.

✔ Protection. Many people purchase not the complete spike lug nuts but the lug nut covers. You will see a regular lug nut if you pop the spike off. These spikes are designed to protect the lug nuts from rust, normal wear-and-tear. How do these overlays work? The spike design flicks the moisture away to the top of the spike when the wheel is spinning.

✔ Warning. Everyone will agree that the truck tire spikes are very noticeable and look very aggressive. And that’s intentional. When a regular vehicle gets too close to the car equipped with the spikes, the spikes work like an actual warning signal not to get too close to the wheels. So, the instinct will make the other drivers keep farther from the spikes, even though they will hardly cause any damage to them. However, it doesn’t mean that someone has to get to the other traffic lane to avoid spikes.

✔ Appearance. Many people said the spikes look cool. Overall, who wants their vehicle to stand out and better match the owner’s personality? Many people consider spikes just another decorative element.

Another interesting thing that our experts found out when conducting this research. Many people said that they would install spike lug nuts if they could, as they like how they look. Yet, there is a personal factor that stops them from doing so. Lastly, under 5% of all respondents noted that they dislike wheel spikes and would never install them on their vehicles.