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Spike lug nuts are available in a variety of colors because the manufacturers offer the widest assortment for people to choose among. Sure thing, tastes differ, as well as car projects and preferences of the car owners. Yet, it is always great to have a choice.

Which color is the best?

Again, it’s hard to say that one color is better than the other. Sometimes car and truck owners select lug nuts that will match the exterior of their vehicle. There are cases when people are looking for a contrasting color. There are many motorists who believe that spiked lug nuts should be black or chrome, as these are quite universal colors.

If you are looking for the brightest option, you may be interested in that neon finish that is extremely bright and is available in many colors. So, everything depends on our own preferences.

What are the most popular spike lug nut colors?

When conducting our own research, we surveyed over 500 people who use rims with spike lug nuts and asked them several questions. One of the questions was what color of lug nuts they have. The other question was what color of spiked lug nuts they would like to get as an alternative to what they drive with.

  1. The most popular spiked lug nut color appeared to be black. People noted that this color is universal, as it looks great on the vehicle regardless of anything. Besides, small chips, scratches, and other minor defects that appear with time are way less visible on black spikes. Also, black spikes were noted to look strict and reserved, yet match the color of tires. When the truck uses aluminum or aluminum alloy wheels, black color contrasts to aluminum color, so the black spikes are very distinctive.
  2. The second top spike lug nuts color is red. People note that they select red spike lug nuts because they want to pay attention to this detail of their vehicle. Also, red is the color of danger. So, they use red lugs to make sure the other motorists see them on the road and do not get too close to the side of their vehicle. And yes, many truck owners really say, that to warn others and make them keep their distance is one of the main reasons why they bought and installed wheel spikes.
  3. Chrome and steel wheel spikes are also very popular among American truck drivers. These finishes are classics of the automotive industry, so people select them to make sure their vehicle looks strict, yet reveals that aggressive aftermarket spirit. Some semi owners noted, that chrome and steel colors look even more aggressive to them, than red and black, as this is the real color of metal weapons. So, if you take your lug nuts seriously, you may consider this approach as well.

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